MLB, Major League Baseball is considered a professional and oldest baseball league around the globe. There are a total of 30 teams in MLB. There are fifteen teams National League and fifteen teams in the American League in this league. In the past, MLB games were live streamed on TV and radio stations in the United States. But as the technology grows, world start moving toward online live streams instead of using cable or dish antenna, and demand for watching matches, games online increases. But this doesn’t mean that world has totally left the cable subscription or satellite subscription. 

How to watch MLB Online in 2022
How to watch MLB Online in 2022

Here we are going to tell our users that which are the best options for them to watch MLB even if they are cable users or non-cable users.

Our Choices:

Best Channel to watch MLB (with cable):

2022 season of MLB games will be air on FOX, FS1, TBS, ESPN, and MLB Network.

But for the baseball fans, DIRECTV CHOICE plan is a dream package to watch their favourite MLB 2022 season. It gives us two options.
Firstly, you can grab the whole package in just $74.99/month, in which major MLB channels will be included. And also, if you want to see your local team, the wide range RSNs are also provided. 

Secondly, if you want to watch each and every game of all the 30 teams playing, DIRECTV CHOICE plan offers an extra package with it, MLB EXTRA INNINGS. You have to give $21.66/month extra for 6-months to watch every game live streaming and MLB full coverage.

MLB EXTRA INNINGS package includes,

  • MLB Network Strike Zone
  • MLB Game Mix Channel
  • MLB.TV 
  • MLB At Bat app.

After purchasing all this, 2-year contract is given to viewers by DIRECTV for $96.65/month with full coverage of MLB regular season. The price gradually increases to $122.00/month after 12 months which is a reasonable price as it includes all the MLB full season in a package (2,430 MLB games).

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Best Source to watch MLB (without cable):

As for non-cable users, Sling TV is best choice. It is just like a cable service via internet. It offers little amount of channels, but it includes the major channels that broadcast games, users can watch every MLB game for a lower monthly cost than DIRECTV and viewers are not bound with any kind of contract, you can cancel subscription anytime you want.

Channels that are live streamed on Sling TV are,

  1. TBS
  2. ESPN
  3. Fox Sports 1 
  4. RFSN

Sling TV offers 15 teams live streaming which are, 

  1. Diamondbacks
  2. Reds 
  3. Braves
  4. Tigers
  5. Marlins
  6. Rays
  7. Royals
  8. Cardinals
  9. Rangers
  10. Twins
  11. Indians
  12. Padres
  13. Angels
  14. Brewers
  15. Yankees. 

Plans offer By Sling TV:

  1. First plan:

For those who are not die-heart fans of baseball or just want to see postseason of MLB, they can sign up for the Sling TV plan of your choosing and cancel once the season is over.

  1. Second plan:

For those who are die-heart fans of baseball, and are interested in watching all MLB games, Sling TV offers Orange & Blue plan within just $50.00/month. With these plan an extra package, Sports Extra is also given as an add-on in $15.00/month, with a total of $65.00/month. These plans include

  • FOX
  • FS1
  • TBS
  • ESPN
  • MLB Network
  • MLB Network Strike Zone

Best thing is that Sling TV Orange or blue plan also give viewers a 3-day free trial to

check the services before use and also user can cancel plan if it is not suitable for you.

How to watch games on Sling TV via VPN:

Sad news is that Sling TV only broadcast in United States. But there is a solution for this you can watch it via VPN, we recommend using EXPRESS VPN as it is best VPN.

Devices that are applicable with Sling TV:

Users can use Sling TV on various platforms and devices e.g., web browser, iOS, Android, Roku, Apple TV, smart TV, etc.

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Best App to watch MLB:

As for the viewers, who need to watch replay of MLB games because they were away from home, MLB.TV is good option. It offers plan, All Teams plan in just $129.99/year. Replay of MLB matches is uploaded on MLB.TV after 90 minutes of match.

MLB.TV is best for users who would like to watch whole and full MLB league and want to stay updated during the league.

This App features included are:

  • DVR controls for live games
  • TV and radio broadcast feeds
  • hundreds of on-demand highlights
  • classic games
  • Documentaries
  • MLB Audio (audio access to every game)

In order to sign up to MLB.TV app, go to MLB website and sign up from there. If this is not suitable for you, then try signing up via third-party streaming services like Amazon Prime Video and ESPN+.

Final Words:

DIRECTV’s CHOICE plan as discussed above with multiple options is our top choice and best for die-heart MLB fans. Without getting panic and anxious about the blackout, fans can watch whole MLB season 2022.

But as Direct TV plan is quite expensive for some users, we recommend choosing Sling TV as a cheaper option. It has customizable plans which are changeable as well as can be cancelled anytime.

Some people are not too much in sports, but they like to keep record of every game. For them we have given the option of MLB.TV App. so that they can watch highlights and replays of MLB 2022 season games.

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