It is quite upsetting to watch any sport when we do not know where to view it, especially the NBA. People used to like watching live telecasts of sporting events. Nowadays, everyone wants to watch live streaming of every sporting event so that they may watch their favourite sport whenever and wherever they want. Many people desire to watch live streams for free because not everyone can afford to pay for live streaming software and services, and many official broadcaster sites do not provide free live streaming.

How to Watch NBA Games online in 2022
How to Watch NBA Games online in 2022

The National Basketball Association is a North American professional basketball league. NBA Streams has a significant fan base in European nations. The game’s fan base is growing at a rapid pace. High-speed internet access and high-tech devices have led to the NBA’s quick rise in global appeal. Every NBA game has a broadcasting partner. There is a chance that if you view one match live stream on one app, that app will not offer a live stream for another match. As a result, you may resort to alternative streaming applications and sites that provide free NBA live streaming as well as highlights from prior matchups.

We will inform you about several sites, applications, and services where you may watch NBA games, live streams, events, leagues, premiers, and tournaments for free, as well as where you must pay for some memberships. Some websites may not need you to sign up or register. If you have an internet connection, you may watch NBA online on your PC/Mac or mobile phone from anywhere.

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Legal Websites & Applications for NBA Live streaming

Many viewers are often unable to distinguish between legitimate and unauthorised websites. They frequently pay to illicit websites or submit information on websites that do not have a secure connection on their route to watching their favourite matches and live streams. As a result, they may suffer financial losses or have personal information disclosed.

That’s why we are providing you with 14 legal Applications or websites so that you can watch your favourite games live streaming with no worries. 

  1. ESPN
  2. NBA TV
  3. ABC
  4. TNT
  5. YouTube TV
  6. Hulu Live
  7. Fubo TV
  8. Sling TV
  9. AT&T TV
  10. WatchSportOnline
  11. NBA league pass
  12. NBABite 
  13. BCE Premium TV
  14. Kayo Sports


The NBA League Pass is an online streaming service. NBA League Pass subscribers have access to all out-of-market games. Each week, subscribers can watch up to 40 NBA games.

3 types of NBA league passes are available.

  1. NBA League Pass TV

For television viewers and cable service users. 

  1. NBA League Pass Broadband

To stream games to your PC, the services need a broadband connection.

  1. NBA League Pass Mobile 

For viewers using smartphones and tablets.

  • Subscription Options:

The NBA League Pass costs $199.99 per year and $44.99 per month. It provides access to all teams’ games as well as their audio feeds. The second option is the NBA Team Pass, which starts at $119.99 per year and $26.99 per month, which provide access to a single team that is your favorite.


  1. ESPN: 

If you have cable, you have a fantastic option to watch the NBA live streaming on ESPN via the “watch live” section of the ESPN website or the ESPN app. The ESPN app is available for installation on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon. It provides a wide choice of NBA-focused TV programming to keep you up to date.

  • hot topics 
  • post-game analysis 
  • interviews (with all the players and coaches).
  • Features of ESPN:
  • live coverage from US in different countries 
  • 7 games per week 
  • NBA playoffs
  • all finals series games.

On various devices, the ESPN app provides 24/7 live content from your favourite ESPN networks (including ESPN+). This includes stuff from the previous WatchESPN.

  1. NBA TV: 

Just like ESPN, NBA TV also a great option for cable users. But it also has one more feature that it also serves as stand-alone streaming subscription. NBA TV can be purchased through On a nightly basis, NBA TV broadcasts games from local NBA affiliates.

  • Subscription Options:

NBA TV is available for:

  • $59.99 for the whole year
  • $6.99/month
  1. ABC: 

Another option for the live streaming of NBA sports is ABC. It can be streamed live on 

  • website i.e., 
  • ABC application

It is possible to do so by registering with a participating TV provider. After signing in, you may watch at or by selecting ‘live TV’ on the ABC app.

With an active membership to, you can also locate an ABC live stream.

  • FuboTV 
  • Hulu + Live TV 
  • Sling TV 
  • YouTube TV. 
  1. TNT:

For users, having a cable subscription, offer NBA games live streaming via 

  • TNT official website
  • Watch TNT app 

With a valid subscription, you may also watch TNT live.

  • Hulu + Live TV
  • Sling TV
  • YouTube TV
  1. BCE Premium TV: 

You can also watch NBA TV channel via “BCE Premium TV” live sports streaming service.

  • Features:
  • 100+ Premium Sports HD channels (single package), included NBA TV. 
  • works on all internet-connected devices.
  • Subscription options:
  • $20 per month 
  • $85 per year

Premium Subscription-based services for NBA live streaming

It’s really hard to Signup for streaming services. But now this problem is overcome. The best way to watch NBA games without cable is to subscribe to a live TV streaming service.

There are five premium subscription-based services that we picked up for you, that are 100% legal to watch NBA game live stream:

  1. YouTube TV: 

YouTube TV is a streaming service with 70 live channels covering entertainment, news, sports, and other topics. It is a terrific way for basketball lovers to watch National Basketball Association (NBA) activity because it features

  • ABC
  • ESPN
  • FOX Sports
  • NBA TV
  • NBC Sports Network
  • TNT. 

With a 7-day free trial, prospective consumers may test out the service before committing to a membership.

Instead, it offers a cable-like experience, allowing consumers to watch live channels and on-demand material on their mobile device, computer, streaming device, or smart TV.

The NBA TV channel is not available on YouTube TV. Take it a step further by purchasing NBA LEAGUE PASS, which allows you to watch every single NBA game on YouTube TV.

NBA League Passes For an extra fee, YouTube TV service is available.

  • $64.99 per month.
  • $119.99 per year.

It allows us to view every game of a single team during the whole NBA season. YouTube TV’s limitless Cloud Digital Video Recorder function, which allows members to record as much video as they want and retain it for up to 9 months, is a major feature. This is perfect for NBA fans who want to record live games that they may miss and watch them later. It also allows members to view the service on three distinct streams at the same time, as well as establish up to six separate profiles per account, each with its own area to record material.

  1. HULU TV: 

HULU TV is a popular choice for NBA streaming services since it provides both free and paid options. HULU Live is the finest live streaming alternative for cord cutters and individuals who do not have cable. It has access to NBA games, as well as ESPN. But the most bothersome aspect of Hulu sites is that they have a lot of ads that are usually for national brands that are offered during its content. To summarise, if you want to watch all of your favourite TV sports, you must subscribe to Hulu. It also features a live TV service that allows you to watch both local and national sports for free.

  1. Fubo TV: 

Fubo TV broadcasts live matches as well as highlights in case someone missed the game. It’s simple to get rid of because you simply need to register before binge-watching an NBA game. It is has both website and App. Its sole constraint is a range ban, which makes it difficult, but not impossible, to access. However, it is possible to gain access using VPN. If you can afford it, it provides HD streaming at a low rate. Subscriptions available are,

  • $10.99/month Sports Plus and add-on  
  • $7.99/month Extra add-on
  1. SLING TV: 

Sling TV is a non-cable subscription service that allows you to subscribe to muliple channels for just $20 per month. It also offers NBA games live streaming as well. If NBA games are broadcast on following channels, then Sling TV allow to viewers to watch it free-of-cost with its subscription. 

  • ABC 
  • TNT
  • TBS
  • NBA TV Network
  • ESPN 

Subscription options:

Sling TV has low costs, flexible plans, and compatibility with the majority of key streaming devices. Its sports packages include,

  • $11 Sports Extra packagee
  • Sling Orange package:
    • $30 per month
    • 15 additional sports channels including ESPN & NBA TV
  • Sling Blue package: 
    • $30 per month
    • 11 additional channels including NBA TV
  • NBA League Pass 

It is available for an extra $28.99 each month. Being able to watch live NBA games on NBA TV as well as the individual channels of all 30 NBA teams.

  • NBA Team Pass: 

In $17.99 per month, combine your Sling TV subscription with the NBA Team Pass if anyone wants to follow only one team. This package includes NBA TV and the team channel of your choosing.

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In case, viewers are not able to subscribe or cannot afford the subscription amount, there are multiple alternative ways to watch NBA games live streams free-of-cost.

The sites we are going to mention are totally free as well as can be easily accessed and gives flawless streaming and all are available via mobile phones, Mac, PC, or tablets.

  1. NBA Bite:

This is a free NBA live streaming site with all latest NBA matches. It is an alternative of  Reddit NBA streams which are ban in USA. So, NBA Bite gives all the features as Reddit NBA without registration.

  1. is especially for the NBA games live streams. It is available in PCs as well as mobile phones but includes pop-up ads. It has amazing HD video quality.


In case of free NBA streaming sites, NBAstream.TV is the excellent option as it is free, quick, and much easier with high-quality streams. It is available on different streaming devices mobile, PC, Mac, or tablet. This website shows all basketball games online live.

  1. Buffstream:

This one-of-a-kind platform provides all of the world’s events and sports making the site one of the finest streaming services. You will be able to watch live 

  • NBA streams 
  • NHL streams 
  • UFC streams
  • NFL streams etc. 
  • Features:
    • Fast and high-quality stream
    • up to date 
    • simple UI (user interface)

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